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Drew’s Top 10 Films of 2017

  1. Blade Runner 2049: The sequel that long thought would be impossible to make worked and surpassed the original. 2049 featured an expansive list of characters and had a story that did not feel at all shallow, but rather nuanced. Without a doubt this was a Blade Runner film with gorgeous visuals, sounds, and landscape, but also gave Harrison Ford a performance that is one of his best in a long time.
  2. Baby Driver: Edgar Wright’s first American set film turned out to be his best in my book. A movie with a killer soundtrack that rivals the first GOTG film set to some wicked fun action set pieces and car chases. This movie has got it all and is a fun ride from start to finish.
  3. Logan: The swan song for Hugh Jackman (Wolverine) & Patrick Stewart (Professor X) that is a standalone story set away from the rest of the X-Men universe. A brutal gut wrenching film with performances from Jackman & Stewart that are each other’s best of their careers. Not to mention a fantastic debut for Dafne Keen (X23), Logan is the best comic book movie of the year and it is up there with The Dark Knight as transcending the genre.
  4. I, Tonya: The Tonya Harding movie we never knew we wanted. Stellar performances by the cast in this mockumentary sports black comedy biopic that feels at times more like a Cohen Bros movie. It is a story that if you are unfamiliar of who Tonya Harding is, you wouldn’t believe it to be true.
  5. Shape of Water: Guillermo Del Toro’s latest film about a mute janitor falling in love with a fish man. That may sound strange on paper, but it’s a heartwarming adult fairy tale of love and friendship. It is a film for our times and it works so well.
  6. War for the Planet of the Apes: The conclusion to Caesar’s (Andy Serkis) epic journey as this is more of an in depth character piece on Caesar and where he ends up at the end of the film. A quest to find his true self and battle against those darker instincts and having to deal with a renegade Colonel. This is the film that brings Caesar’s story full circle.
  7. IT: Stephen King’s famous novel adapted so well into this film as it takes on the kids story first before they become adults. In my opinion the best horror film of the year with a terrifying performance from Bill Skarasgard as Pennywise. Pennywise and the Loser’s Club are what make this film what it is.
  8. Dunkirk: Christopher Nolan’s shortest theatrical release shows a different kind of war film. Think the first twenty minutes of Saving Private Ryan, but expanded to a feature length film. It is non stop intensity and suspense from start to finish.
  9. Stronger: The true story of Boston Marathon Bombing survivor Jeff Bauman (Jake Gyllenhaal) and the struggles he faced after his tragic ordeal. It’s another Oscar worthy performance from Gyllenhaal as it is filled with such pathos and heart, while combining a strong support of community from the entire city of Boston.
  10. Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri: An ensemble cast lead by terrific performances from Frances McDormand and Sam Rockwell, this is a story about a mother going against the system and finding her own justice when the police force won’t help. It is a dark comedy with subtle current day undertones attached to it.

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