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Waco Episode 1 Visons & Omens Review:

Waco is the brand-new miniseries to kick off the start of Paramount Network formally named Spike TV. This miniseries is indeed about the Waco siege that last 51 days in 1993 between The Branch Davidians lead by David Koresh (Taylor Kitsch) and members of the ATF and FBI. The opening scene of the episode is that of the first attempted siege by the ATF on Mount Carmel, but once we hear the first shot being fired we cut back nine months before the siege on the compound. We first get a look at what life is like for Koresh and his followers at Mount Carmel as it is seen to be peaceful and vibrant within the community. Then we get a look at FBI Agent Gary Noesner (Michael Shannon) the head of the hostage negotiating unit who is assigned to help resolve the standoff at Ruby Ridge with Randy Weaver. The episode concludes six months after Ruby Ridge with a tip to the ATF that there is suspicious activity going on at the Mount Carmel Compound. This is a six-episode miniseries, and by all accounts from watching the premiere I am hooked and eager to learn new aspects and perspectives about this tragic event that I am unaware of or have not considered before.

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